CardioVision, Inc., a consulting and development firm providing the resources and expertise necessary for Hospitals and Physicians to form stable, well-structured alignment strategies including:

  1. Bullet Employment

  2. Bullet Physician Practice Acquisition

  3. Bullet Vertical Integration Strategies

  4. Bullet Medical Co-Management

  5. Bullet Joint Ventures

CardioVision has a 15-year history as a leading developer of joint ventures between hospitals and cardiovascular physicians. Having developed over 50 cooperative hospital/cardiologist business structures, CardioVision consultants have the proven skills, experience and project management tools to quickly and effectively lead all parties as we create a workable organizational structure.

CardioVision has unparalleled experience bringing multiple interests to the table as an integrated business unit. To date, few hospital/cardiology business arrangements have bridged a multi-group structure. However, CardioVision’s expertise in this area is unparalleled in the industry.

CardioVision provides services to Hospitals, Cardiology Practices, Cardiovascular Surgical Practices and frequently acts as an ombudsman between two or more of these parties.

CardioVision develops program structures that address all aspects of:

  1. Bullet Clinical and Operational Acceptability

  2. Bullet Financial Viability

  3. Bullet Regulatory Allowability

CardioVision’s team of experts can help physicians, hospitals, attorneys, and healthcare valuation experts, and governmental agencies reach the best decisions as they navigate healthcare’s ever-changing business environment. 

CardioVision - Planning the Future of Cardiology


The Heart Center at St. Elizabeth’s

CARES Cath Lab at St. Peter’s University Medical Center